Security IT Cage


  • Data Centres
  • Server and comms rooms
  • Internet service providers
  • Telecoms companies

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Secure protection

Secure protection for sensitive areas

Dataracks manufacture high quality Security IT Cages and partitioning system used for creating secure areas for the storage of servers, computer equipment and other valuables.

Our security caging offers a highly adaptable modular solution which can be customised to your precise requirements.

All Security Cages designed, manufactured and installed by our own highly experienced team UK based team, used to working in some of the most sensitive environments.

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Steel Mesh Cages

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The Security Cages Feature:

  • Solid steel bolted construction, all bolts snake eye security bolts
  • Modular construction to allow for easy assembly and future expansion
  • Available in vented or solid steel panels
  • Various door types available including hinged and sliding
  • Fabricated from solid steel
  • Supports Airflow best practice
  • Tamper proof high security Eurolocking system

Options include:

  • Electronic locks matched with Building security system
  • Integration with Hot/Cold Aisle
  • Auto closing Doors
  • Underfloor caging
  • Multiple Colour Options (Standard Ash Grey)
  • Corporate Logo’s


If you offer colocation facilities within your data centre, it’s vital that your customer’s equipment is kept safe and secure within your premises.
Our tamper proof Security IT Cages are widely used within many large data centres where colocation facilities are offered providing your customers with the levels of security they are seeking and also giving you peace of mind.

Security cage construction

Our Security IT Cages are designed to be rugged, safe and secure so are manufactured using only the best materials and construction methods.
Made from a solid steel bolted construction these are easily assembled and modified for future expansions.

Security cages construction


Our team of engineers experienced in working with a Datacentre environment will build the cages on-site. Their expertise means they can overcome any obstructions i.e. Cable tray, Pipes & Pillars.
The modular construction also means that the cages can be installed into areas where access is limited.