Dataracks launches Micro Data Centre

24th November 2015

Dataracks launches Micro Data Centre


Dataracks – the pioneer of cold aisle containment – is set to revolutionise the data centre industry again, this time with the launch of the Micro Data Centre (MDC). This innovative solution is designed to offer all the cooling, security and power supply options required for 19” racks in a compact, convenient and cost-effective package.

A new concept for the data centre industry, the self-contained MDC provides flexible, readily scalable capacity that can be installed virtually anywhere with a power supply and access for cooling pipework or ventilation. It uses high efficiency cooling technologies to deliver exceptional efficiency and complete environmental independence, lowering the cost of ownership and allowing rack densities to be increased as needs change.

Ideal for any business where space or access is limited – such as office blocks, hospitals, GP surgeries, retail, industrial automation and academia – the MDC eliminates the need for bespoke data centre designs, offering a complete solution that simply requires the addition of servers. Jeremy Hartley, Managing Director of Dataracks, commented: “As a company with a strong history of innovation in server cabinet and rack technology, we are proud to be leading the way in data centre miniaturisation. Regardless of their size, most organisations are looking for the same features in a data centre – flexibility, security and cost effectiveness – and the MDC offers all the features and benefits of a complete data centre without the cost and complexity of bespoke installations.”

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Dataracks Micro Data centre

About Dataracks

Dataracks ( is a leading manufacturer of data centre hardware solutions. Established in 1989, the company has a strong history of innovation in server cabinet and rack technology, introducing the industry’s first purpose-built IT data racks over 25 years ago. The company rewrote the book on cooling and efficiency in data centres again in 2007, when it pioneered cold aisle containment, and continues to set new standards in the industry today.