Dataracks helps Hydro66 to break the mould

17th June 2016

173-16Dataracks helps Hydro66 to break the mould

 Hydro66 has created the world’s first purpose-built hydroelectric powered co-location data centre in Sweden, choosing Dataracks for all its racks, cages and aisle containment solutions. Andy Long, Chief Executive Officer of Hydro66, explained: “There are three main advantages to locating data centres in Scandinavia; a favourable climate, abundant renewable energy and local expertise. Although these benefits were recognised by the major internet drivers several years ago, co-location providers have – for the most part – continued to develop the traditional city locations, with their associated high costs, limited space and unstable power supplies.”

Christiaan Keet, Chief Technical Officer, took up the story: “When choosing a rack provider, we visited various manufacturers, and were immediately impressed by the way we were received at Dataracks’ factory in Cambridgeshire. They were extremely professional and responsive, and it was clear – as far as I’m concerned – that the engineering of their solutions is far above most of the other products on the market. Dataracks’ designs make it as straightforward as possible to work with their products; they are extremely easy to access, adjust and tailor, while still being really solid and secure. They also provide very good airflow management, with a range of blanking plates to ensure the most efficient air pathway.”

“Although we had concerns over the logistics, I’m pleased to say that Dataracks proved my fears over not using locally sourced racks completely wrong; everything ran smoothly and nothing has ever been late. The company’s installation team were also top notch – extremely professional and very good at what they do. The company has been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to future projects together,” Christiaan concluded.

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