Micro Data Centres – a complete data centre in a rack

The Micro Data Centre (MDC) is a compact unit which includes all the cooling, security and power supply options required for 19” racks. A new concept for the data centre industry, this self-contained solution offers a convenient and cost-effective option, without compromising on features or performance.

The MDC is ideal for any business where space or access is limited – such as office blocks, hospitals, GP surgeries, retail, industrial automation, academia, environmentally sensitive areas, etc – providing readily scalable, cost-effective capacity that can be installed virtually anywhere with a power supply and access for cooling pipework or ventilation.

Key benefits:

  • Complete solution – just add servers
  • Scalable – with a low cost per kW
  • Quick to install and commission – minimising disruption to your business
  • Environmentally independent – with no heat transfer to the installation environment
  • Exceptional efficiency – with PUE values as low as 1.21*
  • Futureproof – allowing rack densities to be increased as needs change
  • Secure – with remote monitoring and access control

*  At environmental temperatures up to 27 oC



Power distribution

Power supplies

Access control



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