Dataracks will present their new Eco EasyCool IT server cabinet.

The Eco EasyCool Cabinet is the latest item in the Eco Range and designed to protect and keep cool your sensitive electronic equipment even in harsh environments where dust, dirt and varying heat levels are common. This product can be used in areas where room air temperature is not adequate for peak IT electronic equipment efficiency such as in small business, education establishments, factories, retail outlets, remote offices, warehouses and workspaces.

EasyCool consists of two independent hermetically sealed sections. In this way, the ambient air circuit remains completely separate. The heat transfer takes place through a sealed cooling circuit which circulates the coolant -cooling computer equipment exhaust air before it re-enters the Datacentre operating environment. Our air conditioners are designed for easy installation and the cabinets allow an adequate circulation of air EasyCool can be used for additional cooling capacity to existing Datacentres. Effectively it can lower Datacentre total running costs by as much as 50%.