Yahoo approached Dataracks to look at ways to eliminate hot spots and improve the life expectancy and efficiency of its London datacentres.

Dataracks identified the problems with airflow through the aisles of the datacentre and designed an innovative Cold Aisle Containment solution to rectify the issues. After a successful pilot project this was installed across the full room (200 racks), resulting in improved temperature management and significant reduction in energy consumption.

The aisles were noticeably colder in less than an hour of the solution being implemented. As it proved possible to maintain temperatures in the cold aisle consistently, the data centre manager felt confident in reducing the cooling, raising inlet temperature to 20°C from 14°C with further rises being implemented. Yahoo! has been so satisfied with the results it has subsequently installed further Dataracks cabinets and additional Cold Aisle Containment.

“When Dataracks installed the Cold Aisle Containment we noticed the difference within an hour. The temperature reduced and has kept the cold aisle consistent within 2-3°C. This has enabled us to balance the cooling system, put two of the eleven CRAC units onto standby and cut energy consumption by 15%.”
European Datacentre Operations Manager, Yahoo