In March 2011, as part of an overall energy efficiency management project, Microsoft UK began working with Dataracks. Microsoft believed improvements could be made within their Data Centre on the UK Corporate Head Office site in Thames Valley Park, near Reading.

At that time, within the lab structure at Microsoft, there was huge variation in the existing racks – in terms of vendors, heights, widths and depths. Some legacy racks could only house proprietary equipment, which meant that the use of space could not be optimised. The resulting empty rack space had implications in terms of air flow management.

Dataracks delivered a standardised solution of flexible racks which could house equipment from all manufacturers and deliver integrated cable management. Racks also featured mesh doors for improved airflow and variable levels of security.

The new layout has also enabled the implementation of security cages and cold aisle containment. The addition of a security cage system means the Thames Valley Park site is now able conform to corporate standards for the hosting of high business impact data.

The Data Centre has now become a showcase for excellence that the Microsoft Management team are very happy to present to customers and visitors. George has no hesitation in recommending Dataracks: “The Dataracks team are very friendly, very efficient, very knowledgeable. They provided a solution to us which was exactly what we expected and something that we are very, very pleased with.”

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