About Dataracks

Dataracks is a leading manufacturer of data centre solutions. Established in 1989, the company has a strong history of innovation in server cabinet and rack technology, introducing the industry’s first purpose-built IT dataracks over 25 years ago. The company rewrote the book on cooling and efficiency in data centres again in 2007, when it pioneered cold aisle containment, and continues to set new standards in the industry today.

Quality products and services

All Dataracks’ products are designed and manufactured in our UK factory. Our extensive product range – from racks and blanking panels to cold aisles and complete Micro Data Centres – is made to to the highest quality standards, ensuring all products offer exceptional flexibility and conform with the latest guidelines on data centre efficiency. Combined with our expertise and bespoke manufacturing capabilities, we can offer our customers – from the largest names in the industry to the smallest data centres – a comprehensive service to ensure the right solutions to meet their ongoing business needs.

Green credentials

We have a strong commitment to improving environmental performance, using only recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials, and solvent-free paints. Our Cambridgeshire facility boasts a solar PV system that provides a significant amount of the energy used in the factory, and our paint plant is modified to recycle water, with specially insulated ovens to further cut energy usage. Using our own fleet of vehicles to deliver products directly to our customers also allows us to offer a recycling service, taking away old cabinets.

Trade memberships

As a founding endorser of the EU Code of Conduct, Dataracks products and services actively support data centre operators in the pursuit of energy saving.

The Data Centre Alliance – co-founded by Dataracks – was created to promote the development and harmonisation of data centre standards, working in partnership with the business world and regulators to improve environmental sustainability and develop new solutions to meet the changing needs of the market.

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