About Dataracks

Dataracks is a leading manufacturer of data centre solutions. Established in 1989, the company has a strong history of innovation in server cabinet and rack technology, introducing the industry’s first purpose-built IT dataracks over 25 years ago. The company rewrote the book on cooling and efficiency in data centres again in 2007, when it pioneered cold aisle containment, and continues to set new standards in the industry today.

Quality products and services

All Dataracks’ products are designed and manufactured in our UK factory. Our extensive product range – from racks and blanking panels to cold aisles and complete Micro Data Centres – is made to to the highest quality standards, ensuring all products offer exceptional flexibility and conform with the latest guidelines on data centre efficiency. Combined with our expertise and bespoke manufacturing capabilities, we can offer our customers – from the largest names in the industry to the smallest data centres – a comprehensive service to ensure the right solutions to meet their ongoing business needs.

Green credentials

Much of the equipment we produce and install is designed to reduce our clients’ energy usage and costs whilst increasing efficiency. As well as enabling a greener impact for our clients, we have a strong commitment to improving Dataracks’ own environmental performance too.  Proudly, we are recognised to be one of the very lowest carbon producers in the industry globally and our vision is to be completely carbon-neutral inside the next 3 years.

The company’s green credentials are very strong; in the last few years we have adopted a whole range of changes at the factory to reduce our energy consumption and deliver carbon emission savings. These include:

  • solar-powered manufacturing capability delivering 150Kw of power in sunny conditions;
  • a total waste recycling and management programme throughout the premises;
  • a water-recycling system within the plant capturing over 100 litres of clean water per day;
  • a procurement strategy themselves with a preference for suppliers who employ a high percentage of recyclable content in their products
  • a 100% recyclable policy on all materials consumed at the factory;
  • removing old and used racks and equipment from client premises during re-fits and ensuring that that material is recycled;
  • offering a free charging point for staff owning electric cars (our MD drives a 2 seat electric Renault Twizy car to the office);
  • the company is a keen supporter of the cycle to work scheme  providing facilities to encourage cycle uptake and usage
  • actively promoting hedge and tree development on our 7 acre site to encourage wildlife, improve the local environment and support bio-diversity. The company has also sponsored tree planting in nearby Wandlebury, an ancient woodland.

It is estimated that the company has achieved energy savings of almost 37% per year and saved approximately 26 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year across all energy saving initiatives over the last 5 years.

Constant improvement in energy and carbon savings is a key aim for the company going forward. Plans are being finalised to replace the factory’s ageing gas ovens with more efficient electric ones and to convert the factory’s gas-fired heating system to a more efficient mix of electric and (enhanced) solar-powered heating.

It is to be hoped that achieving carbon neutrality will enhance the company’s already strong market position as a manufacturing innovator and sustainability leader and deliver important competitive edge in the longer term.  It would also be great to see our nature-based initiatives on the estate blossom into a diverse and teeming natural habitat.

And now Datarack’s environmental efforts have been recognised with the company recently short-listed  for an East of England Business Award from the FSB for its Green initiatives programme.

In the News: Dataracks short-listed for Green Award

Trade memberships

As a founding endorser of the EU Code of Conduct, Dataracks products and services actively support data centre operators in the pursuit of energy saving.

The Data Centre Alliance – co-founded by Dataracks – was created to promote the development and harmonisation of data centre standards, working in partnership with the business world and regulators to improve environmental sustainability and develop new solutions to meet the changing needs of the market.

Solar panels on the Dataracks roof.

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